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I'm working on Heaven and Hell right now and probably will be for a while.

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I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.


Anna x Jo 
Road trip AU

After they graduate from college, Anna and Jo go on a road trip. It’s a huge deal, one they’ve been talking about almost since the day they met (it was raining. Anna shared her umbrella with Jo). Through heartbreak and laughter, through hailstorms and sunny days, they make their way across the country, singing their heads off to Jo’s music and dealing with technical mishaps with good humor. But as the miles go by, secrets start to unravel, long-buried feelings simmering just under the surface. This summer isn’t only the beginning of a new life; it’s also an ending. It’s a celebration, and a mourning. When Anna and Jo realize that things will never be the same after that, they find themselves forced to face what they really feel for each other.


Hael x Muriel AU

Idea by holyhael: Muriel is a ranger at Yellowstone National Park. Somehow, she keeps crossing paths with Hael, a writer slash nature lover. Muriel’s father used to be a park ranger too, and she knows the place like the back of her hand. When she decides to help Hael discover the most beautiful places in the park, Hael watches everything with awed eyes. And Muriel, well…Muriel watches Hael.


Charlie x Hannah
Summer beach!AU
prompt by holyhael

Charlie has always loved the ocean; its salty, heady smell, the sound of the waves, the colors. Charlie creates a palette in her mind. Gray for the wet pebbles that shine under the sun. Yellow for the sand, ocher and red for the sunsets, when the ocean seems to swallow the sun. Blue for the sea, blue for the sky.

Blue for Hannah’s eyes. (ao3)


Jo hates Slytherin prefect Ruby Dante. She’s sneaky and acerbic, and always finds ways to take points from Gryffindor, especially if Jo is involved. Plus, she always looks prim and proper, and Jo wants nothing more than to mess her up.

…Wait, what?


Supernatural inspiration - Bela Talbot
For rubysburnedwings and sherlockstarked


Supernatural inspiration - Claire Novak, possessed by an angel
For supernxvaa


Supernatural inspiration - Fem!Castiel

No light, no light in your bright blue eyes,
I never knew daylight could be so violent. (x)

My guilty pleasure would have to be doing nothing. I am an excellent time waster. I mean we’re talking like days, I could just do nothing.

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supernatural + one-time wonders meme > [six] civilians (2/6)

Aren’t you going to say grace? 


Have Yourself a Were-y Little Christmas
Finally finished my holiday card art. It figures the first real piece of art I draw for this fandom would be a big ol’ pack orgy ;)

Many thanks to the marvelous brumous and daunt for their feedback. Inspiration shamelessly pilfered from this work by lettiebobettie.